Eamonn Carey

Eamonn Carey

MD at Techstars
Financial • General Business
London, UK
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Managing Director @Techstars Unconfirmed

Techstars helps entrepreneurs bring new technologies to market.

Jun '16 - Present (2 years)


Board Member @Motivii Unconfirmed

Motivii is a smart feedback platform that simplifies great management

Nov '15 - Present (2 years 7 months)


Board @Lingvist • Employee

Language learning meets AI

Dec '14 - Present (3 years 6 months)


Entrepreneur in Residence @Techstars Unconfirmed

Techstars helps entrepreneurs bring new technologies to market.

Apr '13 - Present (5 years 2 months)

Get Prototyped

Get Prototyped • Co-Founder

Gotcha Ninjas

Advisor @Gotcha Ninjas • Co-Founder

Gotcha Ninjas catch and reward kids for being good

Strategic Planning

Sorry as a Service

Sorry as a Service • Advisor

Sorry as a Service is a goodwill management platform.


Opened up EMEA and APAC @Kiip Unconfirmed

Mobile rewards platform for Brands and App Developers.

Strategic Planning

Amazing things Eamonn's made
Some friends and I built out and scaled Farmvillain - a Facebook app that parodied Farmville. What started as a bit of fun scaled to eventually reach millions of people across the world - generating significant revenue, traffic and engagement. Jolt Gaming (a division of Gamestop) eventually acquired Farmvillain.
Griffith College Dublin

Griffith College Dublin

Journalism and Communications Aug 1998 - May 2001


Karl Aherne Advisor at Gotcha Ninjas recommended Gotcha Ninjas where Eamonn is Co-Founder

Gotcha Ninjas are tapping into a great sector, combining experiential benefits for the education sector through classroom gamification with outcome driven data for generating powerful insights. The team are excellent and focused on building are powerful global business.