Ebrahem Anwar

Ebrahem Anwar

I'm a Civil Engineering Informatics Specialist /Entrepreneur
Marketing • Sales/Bus Dev
Cairo, Egypt
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  • Sales/Bus Dev
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CEO @ElMawkaa • Co-Founder

An intelligent marketplace for construction industry


COO @Handaz • Co-Founder

A WebApp that converts 2D Projects into 3d BIM projects in a few clicks

Amazing things Ebrahem's made
Civil Engineering Informatics Specialist
Delivering state-of-the-art Engineering Informatics Professional Engineers with both deep academic knowledge and professional IT/SWE skills to tackle various Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) areas in the Civil, Building, and Environmental engineering domain.

Software developer
Prepared for a variety of programming and technical tasks including designing and framing applications, database design, application interface development, coding, testing, and debugging.

Civil Engineer
Know how to manage the construction site, implement civil construction plans, designing high rise buildings, tanks, malls, implement urban road
Information Technology Institute

Information Technology Institute

IT Oct 2015 - Jul 2016



civil Engineering Sep 2009 - Jul 2013