Edoardo Moauro

Edoardo Moauro

I'm a avid tech market researcher who strives to keep up to speed with everything tech related.
Marketing • UI/UX Design
Atlanta, US
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  • Social Entrepreneurship
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Spots Development Group

CMO @Spots Development Group • Co-Founder

Amazing things Edoardo's made
I contributed to a Doctoral Thesis estimating the monetary benefits of reducing delays on heavily trafficked truck freight corridors. The research delved into the impacts of automation on the commodity-transport industry and was the first of its kind. The team was made up of myself, a PhD student and one of the heads of the School of Transportation at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The project was funded $200K by the National Center for Transportation System Productivity and was published in 2015.

David Schulman Principal Shareholder at Greenberg Traurig recommended Spots Development Group where Edoardo is Co-Founder

Yanni and Omid are smart, ambitious entrepreneurs, with an outstanding idea. Their creativity and youthful exuberance have served them well. In a short timeframe, they have obtained angel funding, built a product, and launched a business. TechStars is an ideal environment to nurture Spots and help advance the company to the next stage. Spots have a lot to gain from admission to the program. In turn, I believe Spots will contribute to the culture of TechStars, and be another TechStars “success story.”

I have worked with Yanni and Omid since the inception of Spots and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. While I’m designated as their “Advisor,” I’ve learned a great deal from them. I am continuously impressed by them.

Spots is on the cutting-edge of hospitality and social networking, and I look forward to seeing the company break new ground.