The Seedbed Incubator aims to support the market validation of emerging technologies either developed by entrepreneurs, students and researchers or within newly-formed ventures. To ensure we make space in the programme for those individuals and technologies at the right stage, it is important to understand how you think we can help you.

The Problem

Your Solution (potential value proposition)

The USP of your solution

Business Model and Go-to-Market Strategy

The Seedbed Incubator aims to support innovators identify suitable markets, test their business assumptions and validate whether customers are willing to pay for the proposed solution to the problem identified. The business model and go-to-market strategy are formed once the assumptions are validated. Therefore, we do not expect you to have a complete answer to the following questions, but we would like to understand your initial thoughts and assumptions about how your business might make money and grow.


We believe that the team is the most crucial factor for a successful company. To make the most out of the Seedbed Incubator programme, we recommend that at least two people participate. Priority will be given to teams of at least two people. If you are applying as a solo entrepreneur, we advise that you include your research/technology transfer office as a participant in the programme. If applicable.

Team Demographics

At EIT Food, we firmly believe that equality is key to a more sustainable, healthy and trustworthy food system. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all European citizens. EIT Food will use this data to help assess the equality impact of our policies and practices and to inform the future development of our entrepreneurship programmes and to ensure these are accessible by all.

Location Preference

Terms and Conditions