Elizabeth Irvine

Elizabeth Irvine

New York City, US

Director of Marketing @MarketMuse • Employee

Enterprise Content Planning and Content Quality Optimization


Nathan Savir Trader at Jane Street Capital recommended MarketMuse where Elizabeth is Employee

MarketMuse made a strong first impression on me with their sophisticated proprietary natural language model, which is a key piece of IP underlying their product. Since I first learned about it, I've seen that MarketMuse also enjoys committed and dedicated leadership, strong sales and dev, and remarkable resourcefulness and agility. As a data scientist and also as an investor, I've been impressed by what MarketMuse has achieved so far, and I expect to continue to see interesting work and good results coming from this team.

Coach Wei Executive Chairman at Yottaa recommended MarketMuse where Elizabeth is Employee

Aki is a strong entrepreneur whom i've known for a few years, and i watched him start and build MarketMuse from the very beginning. He evolved and grew a lot in a short time frame, and was smart to make sensible changes along the way to get to a viable market opportunity.

MarketMuse solves a problem that very little scientific answers available so far, despite the universal importance of content: what is your content strategy? Is it working? how to improve it? Putting a software system in place backed by data is the obvious way to answer this!