Emanu Georwell

Emanu Georwell

Geossy provides fish to fish retailers & distributors in E. Uganda and W. Kenya thru cage fish farming, fish feeds and fingerlings farmers.
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Tororo, Uganda
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C.E.O. @Geossy • Co-Founder

Geossy provides cage farmed fish, fingerlings and fish feeds to customers.

Feb '13 - Present (8 years 1 month)

Amazing things Emanu's made
After realizing the Ugandan fishing industry was decimated by poor practices, over fishing, lack of regulation, processing factories close, communities run out work, natural fish and food supplies diminish and the expense of starting a fishing business climb, Emanu decided to make a difference. With passion and commitment I invented new affordable cage fishing system, created new process for acquiring baby fish (a.k.a. fry) and fish food, and develop training and education programs to empower others.

We innovated low cost bamboo cages to provide native tilapia fish to sellers and supply fish feeds and fingerlings to fish farmers boosting their yield using environmentally friendly method.

Geossy trained over 1,000 people in fishing communities to be fish farmers and formulated low cost fish feeds made of locally available natural water weeds, rice husks, snail shell and lakes flies got from L. Victoria..

To further reduce the farming cost we produced our own fingerlings.
Islamic University in Uganda

Islamic University in Uganda

Graduated 2015

Mulago Paramedical Training Schools

Mulago Paramedical Training Schools

Graduated 2008

manjansi high school

manjansi high school

Graduated 2002


Catherine Ford Consultant at Heartline Consulting Inc. recommended Geossy where Emanu is Co-Founder

I serve as a mentor for Geossy and am extremely impressed by the business, leadership and potential of this company. By combining astute business practices and innovation, in just a few years Geossy has elevated itself to a position of leadership in fish farming in Eastern Uganda and Western Kenya.

Geossy is strongly committed to continually providing the best quality fish and fish farm products and is exploring ways to scale up operations to maintain constant production to meet current and future demand. What began as a fish consultancy business in 2008, has evolved into a company that now offers fish, fingerlings, cages, consultancy and education to local retailers, fishing communities and women.

Geossy also embraces innovation and invents new products in the fishing industry. It has a positive impact across the social, environmental and financial sectors and has the potential to provide a continuous supply of high quality food. This is good business and solid business model.