I am happy to recommend Tiffany St Bernard and Emayani to TechStars for three reasons:
1. Emayani represents a viable, values driven business opportunity
2. CEO Tiffany St Bernard has the entrepreneurial passion, intelligence, instinct for leadership and the perseverance to start and grow a business
3. Emayani and its leadership team are at a point in their maturity to maximize the impact of the resources that TechStars will provide.

I first met Tiffany as a volunteer mentor through the eLab, Cornell’s student startup accelerator. The only thing that tops her passion for new business ideas is her energy in pursuing them. She has more ideas than she can possibly implement but has the discipline to make realistic, data driven assessments to follow-up only on what she can actually deliver. I’ve known her to be collaborative in her working style and open to the ideas of others. I think these will be important qualities in maximizing the benefit of the TechStars opportunity.