Emile Castelnuovo

Emile Castelnuovo

CEO , Co-Founder of Virtualrobotix . Founder of APM Copter project .
Full Stack Dev • General Business
Milan, Italy
  • Software Engineering
  • Training & Development
  • Training Course Development
Virtual Robotix

Virtual Robotix • Co-Founder

Virtual Robotix : aerial , terrestrial and underwater robotics

Carlo Allevi recommended Virtual Robotix where Emile is Co-Founder
Founder and Op. Man., WeAreStarting

I worked on an innovative project together with Virtualrobotix. It consisted of a test to apply their expertise about UAVs to a specific application related to the energy sector. Virtualrobotix showed high-level skills and the outcome of the pilot was successful.
I also had the chance to discuss with Roberto about their plans for the future and I was impressed by their long-term ambitious plans, always aimed at meeting existing and emerging needs.

VĂ­ctor Mayoral Vilches recommended Virtual Robotix where Emile is Co-Founder

Roberto Navoni is one of the most respected and experienced users of APM autopilot. Virtual Robotix contributions are well acknowledged and widely known.