Emir Memisevic

Emir Memisevic

I am 31 years old, with 10 years experience in beekeeping as core business!
Full Stack Dev • Front End Dev
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Food Industry
  • Programming
  • Web Development

Medobar • Co-Founder

Nest71/Bee Happy

Leader @Nest71/Bee Happy • Co-Founder

We bring on power of Big Data to boost honey production

Maticna mlijec Memisevic

Maticna mlijec Memisevic • Co-Founder

Maticna mlijec Memisevic is family company for production bee's products.


His products taste good! His work is awesome.

Experienced and knowledgeable in programming and apiculture.
In addition, reliable, innovative and hard-working!

In two words: IT - beekeeper