Eric Dinger

Eric Dinger

I built and sold the company I started in college, preparing me for the toughest challenge of my life: solving a problem I care about.
General Business • Sales/Bus Dev
Lincoln, US
  • Business Strategy
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  • Strategy Development

CEO @Powderhook • Co-Founder

Powderhook incentivizes people to help each other hunt and fish more often.

Amazing things Eric's made
I built and sold a digital agency, called Thought District. Growing a business is tough; I made it harder because I elected to start a relationship businesses while in college in a city in which I knew no one. Over time we put together a great team and I got a chance to learn from hundreds of co-workers, clients and mentors throughout my twenties... like an MBA the hard way.

In my free time, I've led an initiative that is on a path to ending homelessness in Lincoln.

I helped start one of the largest VCs in the region.

I've helped 12 now-former employees start their own business.

Most importantly, I've built a strong, faith-filled family of good people.