Erik Dunteman

Erik Dunteman

Strategically random undergrad. I run ultra-marathons, speak Chinese, self-teach code, traveled to 5 continents, custom built a motorcycle.
Back End Dev • General Business
Ames, US
  • Agriculture
  • Robotics
  • Application Development
  • Arduino
  • Automation
  • Bioinformatics
  • Business Development
  • Farms
  • Java
  • Market Analysis
  • Mechanical
  • Pitching
  • Product
  • Python
Iowa State University

Mechanical Engineering Student @Iowa State University • Employee

Aug '14 - Present (6 years 6 months)

Vector Bio

CEO @Vector Bio • Co-Founder

Vector Bio software enables cannabis geneticists to do modern genetics R&D.


CTO @Wyaxis • Co-Founder

Amazing things Erik's made
People love documenting the positive changes in their life: be it a baby growing up, a weight loss, or a crafting project. Dedicated change-trackers will do a project where they take a photo every day of the subject, aligned perfectly so that they can stream the photos one-after-another in a time-lapse style video. I wanted to do one of these, but quickly realized how difficult it was to either A) align each picture the exact same way as the previous or B) edit each picture to align to each other.

I built an Android App, LifeTimeLapse, which overlays the previous photo in your project over the viewfinder, so you know how to line up perfectly. It then takes your project and compiles it together into a time-lapse video.

Example outputs can be found at:

Daily Selfie Project:

Cafe Racer (partial) Build Project:

Iowa State University

Iowa State University

Mechanical Engineering Aug 2014 - Present