Ester Liquori

Ester Liquori

Marketing and communication. top 15 Influential Digital Women by Digitalic Magazine 2018.
Marketing • General Business
Torino, Italy
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You Are My Guide

CEO @You Are My Guide • Co-Founder

AI-powered marketing strategy platform

Nov '14 - Present (5 years 2 months)


CEO @YAMGU • Co-Founder

You Are My Guide - Move your business forward

Nov '14 - Present (5 years 2 months)

Ester Liquori Design

Graphic Designer @Ester Liquori Design • Employee

Jan '12 - Present (8 years)

Amazing things Ester's made
My professional life is a mix of business development, content marketing, public relations, blogging, product management and people. In 2018 I've been named top 15 Influential Digital Women by Digitalic Magazine.

I am a person who has different interests. In my career, I have covered many different roles in developing multi-disciplinary knowledge. That allows me today of running my own digital company.

A big part of my activities is digital, a personalized mix of customers' need and right communication practice.
The process starts with auditing, helping companies, both at a strategic and tactical level, to develop and meet together with a SMART strategy (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound).

My skills: Content Marketing | Content curation | Digital Marketing | Marketing Plan | Inbound content & marketing | Social Media Marketing | SEO Blogging | Business Audit | Business Canvas | Leading digital tools & analytics | SMART Strategy | Public Speaking |
University of Palermo

University of Palermo

Graduated 2003

Liceo Scientifico Benedetto Croce Palermo

Liceo Scientifico Benedetto Croce Palermo

Graduated 1997


Donal Brady recommended You Are My Guide where Ester is Co-Founder

Ester and Mauro are very committed and have some very impressive tech. It was a pleasure to work with You are my Guide on the Strip Lighthouse programme.

Iulia Baidac recommended You Are My Guide where Ester is Co-Founder

You Are My Guide, one of our Top 50 CODE_n CONTEST Finalists in 2018, developed an extremely valuable AI-powered platform that can improve companies' ROI in marketing and sales. Their system is mature enough to serve various industries, such as catering, publishing, and call centers. What is impressive is that the AI acts as a virtual manager who, once properly trained, delivers value at every step of the customer journey.

Tim Brown Co-Founder at el-thy recommended You Are My Guide where Ester is Co-Founder

I got a chance to see You Are My Guide's GhostWriter software in action, and it is clear to see the thought that has been put into the product.

From the deep analytics of the actual tech, to the look and feel of the dashboard, Ester and Mauro have a very valuable tool in their hands.

Emiliano S Verga recommended YAMGU where Ester is Co-Founder

The app you really need when you travel, in order to understand what you can actually do when you reach a place.

From a mere technical point of view, this startup makes a really smart use of data, combining both genuine and spontaneous user generated contents with certified and updated information coming by APIs from Convention & Visitors Bureaus of cities.

Francesco Carata recommended YAMGU where Ester is Co-Founder

I personally know the team behind YAMGU, they are great and their idea is wonderful... the app is very useful and the contents are perfect!

Federico Nitidi CEO at BotCompany recommended YAMGU where Ester is Co-Founder

Solid technology, strong team and excellent market reception so far

mattia richetto Senior Software Engineer at OpenTable recommended YAMGU where Ester is Co-Founder

YAMGU is a brilliant idea. I use the app every time I go abroad, even when I go back to my hometown. Of course the "tailored made content" feature makes every journey a unique and cool experience. Well done Ester & Mauro!

Isabelle De Sutter Co-Founder at Isa_DS recommended YAMGU where Ester is Co-Founder

I took part of the jury for the final event Idea Challenge 2014 on Urban Life and Mobility in London and I love the original concept of YAMGU!

Paolo Magni recommended YAMGU where Ester is Co-Founder

I work as Business Developer for EIT ICT Labs ( I believe YAMGU is a startup with a solution of real potential in the urban mobility field, with some original and disruptive features, taking advantage of big data and social networks in order to help people in managing and executing their trips in metropolitan areas.The team is well balanced, even if it needs to grow. I'm supporting them in an activity of ours related to Expo2015.