Ethan Clime

Ethan Clime

A social entrepreneur who sees open innovation as the next disruption. Keeping up with exponential technology will be through crowdsourcing.
General Business • Operations
Prague, Czech Republic
  • Logistics/Supply Chain
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategy Development

CEO @ Crowdholding • Co-Founder

Crowdsourcing feedback for spectacular success.

Peace Corps

Business Development @Peace Corps • Employee

How far will you go?

Jul '10 - Jan '14 (3 years 6 months)

Amazing things Ethan's made
Developed business and development projects in the United States Peace Corps from the ground up. Later became a Crowdfunding specialist, bootstrapping a product based company that sold in 48 countries in addition to working on other campaign totally getting over $500,000 in funding.
CEMS - Global Alliance in Management Education

CEMS - Global Alliance in Management Education

International Management Jun 2014 - Present