The EDI Application form has the following mandatory sections: SECTION 1: Challenge (Choose between Track 1, Track 2 or Track 3) SECTION 2: Technical Approach SECTION 3: Your Business SECTION 4: Your team SECTION 5: Administrative Data (Are you an SME or a group of individuals?) Read the EDI Guidelines before applying: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the EDI team. Failure to provide the required information in all sections will result in disqualification. 100,000 EUR and free services await you. Good luck!


There are 3 different types of challenges which you can choose from to apply to EDI: TRACK 1 - READY-MADE (Domain specific challenge) Challenges have been defined by the EDI data providers with associated datasets. Applicants should select one EDI challenge to be solved. TRACK 2 - HALF AND HALF (Data combination challenge) There is no pre-defined challenge to be resolved. Applicants should propose their own idea, where the use of at least two different datasets is compulsory: Data set 1 must be from EDI data catalogue, while Data set 2 must be either from another EDI data set or from an external source. Some examples are provided in our catalogue just for inspiration - TRACK 3 - FREE CHOICE (Bring your own data provider, challenge and external data) Teams will be allowed to bring their own data provider. They should explain the specific challenge to be solved and specific datasets to be used for that purpose. The EDI data provider form needs to be filled in as well. Notice that bringing a Data Provider providing data is a requirement to participate in this track and it cannot be replaced by the use of open-source or own data.

Track 1 - READY-MADE CHALLENGE (Domain specific)

Track 2 - HALF AND HALF CHALLENGE (Data combination)

Track 3 - FREE CHOICE CHALLENGE (Bring your own data provider and use their external data sets)



This section is mandatory, regardless of whether you are legally established or not.

Market and Competition



IMPORTANT: 1) In this section, please provide the details of the team members that will participate in the EDI project. 2) Please note that to be eligible, founder commitment is required. Therefore, the first team member to be listed must be a founder. 3) Filling in Team Members #1 and #2 is mandatory. Filling in Team Members #3 and #4 is highly advisable. 4) Please make sure to include both technical and business profiles in your team.

Team Member #1

Team Member #1 must be a Founder.

Team Member #2

Team Member #3

Team Member #4


Option 2: If you are an SME according to the SME definition by the EC, please detail the following information. All fields are mandatory, including the company figures.

This section is for SMEs only, according to the SME definition by the EC.