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1:1 Sumo Robot Competition - Get ready for destruction!
Funds Startups in Robotics, Robotic Systems, Wireless
Join leading machine learning researchers and industry pros in exclusive live tech talks and benefit from 1-to-1 networking with speakers
We will hear from a panel of legendary speakers representing perspectives across the whole VR ecosystem. 
SuperBot Conference brings over 20 speakers and 10 topics to discuss about bots, UX, monetization and much more
Chatbots sind dabei sich zu einer ernsthaften Konkurrenz für Apps zu entwickelt.
Explore how AI is impacting society & tech w/Speakers from Uber, Airbnb + lot's more
"EU's leading event on the impact of AR/VR/MR beyond gaming w/GSK, Blippar & 150+ keynote speakers "
Featuring Oliver Mitchell, Autonomy Ventures; Frances Schwiep, Comcast Ventures and Ramphis Castro, ScienceVest.