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Are you looking to network with professionals who are particularly interested in technology, innovation, and the entertainment industry?
500+ talented students. Can you land a job in one of India's hottest startups?
Do you have a idea that you would like to turn into a real business in the French or U.S markets but don't know where to start?
The Fort Knox/2112 ecosystem is home to over 1,500 professionals working in the entertainment industry.
Startup Safary is an open doors event to showcase Leipzig's startup ecosystem.
Join us for VC Chat & learn how to scale your startup with investors Cack Wilhelm, Scale Venture Partners & Chirag Chotalia + more
Startuppers, this event is organised for you.
A Conference Of Investor Panels And Pitching Opportunities
IFCCI Bangalore in partnership with Société Générale Presents "IFCCI Bangalore : Start-up Conference 2017"
Watch Seattle's top startups pitch a live audience w/Capital One, EY, UPS +loads more