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[Free] Data Analytics + Business Intelligence
Please join us as we continue our Data Analytics + Business Intelligence (BI) journey at FinTank.
[Free] Is Small Business Ownership Right for You?
Have you ever wondered if Small Business Ownership is Right for You? Join us for this 90 minute workshop to find out!
Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Series
Join us for the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Series, which is a first-of-its-kind session working with experts.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots -1 Day Training WS
The technology landscape is changing at an unprecedented speed with every sector and in-house department now being disrupted.
Marketing Workshop
Curate, Create and Automate: 4 Months of Content in 4 Hours!
Startups Going Global
Globalization leaves leaders no choice but to develop strategies for success in the global market.
Digital Marketing Courses - June
Learn digital marketing strategies that have increased turnover by £200,000 and profits by 133% within a year, without throwing your money
Launch Program
An intensive course designed to prepare you to go-to-market
Cooper: Intro to Design Thinking
See how Design Thinking can change the way you approach problems.
Sales Workshop
A half day workshop for founders in the growth stage who are looking to expand and improve their sales team