F6S is the home for Founders and Startup programs globally with thousands of Jobs, 6,400+ Startup orgs, 378k Startups and 1k+ deals.

Thousands of F6S'ers a day apply to accelerators, pitch investment funds, post or apply for jobs, get free deals and grow.

The F6S name comes from shortening the six letters between F and S to F6S. We're all about tech, getting stuff done and growing.




£15–30K year
£12–30K year


Alejandro Barrera, Tetuan Valley Startup School Madrid 12
f6s is one of the best startup platform out there. I'm amazed how fast its grown and how much value it delivers for both startups and entrepreneur related programs making their life much easier. A must have if you run any kind of startup event!
F6s is a great place for startups to dedicate his work in the field of science and technology, in this place we can grow !
Divakar Mishra, JPMorgan Chase
recommended F6S
Very impressive platform
I think F6s is like no other plateform available today. It is an answer to prayers to those looking for a plateform to quickly send out applications, I have applied to quite a few since less than a week of being in this plateform and i had my first answer today, an answer to prayer for young people looking to acquire skills. What a great initiative is TEEP! I just apply to that one. So yeah, I am glad to say that thankfully F6s exist and now i am supporting it and recommending it to others and this is my very first meant felt recommendation for an IT plateform.
It has been a very good platform for start-ups for some times now to get connected with experienced entrepreneurs and funding.
recommended F6S
recommended F6S
Ravi Kiran, DazzleToday
Very powerful platform. Must use for all start-ups.
Recommended F6S