I funded Dictanova 2 months after my PhD in computational linguistics
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Nantes, France
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Dirigeant Fondateur @Dictanova • Co-Founder

Text analytics for customer retention

Aug '11 - Present (7 years 6 months)

Amazing things Fabien's made
Dictanova is my first company (like ever: not only as a founder but also as an employee). I'm pretty proud of what it is now... but we can go way further!

In my youth I was involved in several non profit organization. There is one I funded that I'm really proud of which was dedicated to make short movies (before you could do that with your phone) with teenagers. We have produced and realized a 40 minutes movies about the history of our village at the time that involved up to 50 persons and a lot of DIY. It was a 2 weeks filming and one year editing project... I'm very proud of my team and what we did there as we connected teenagers with seniors so that we could tell their story using our digital skills.

FROGER Mickael recommended Dictanova where Fabien is Co-Founder

Dictanova helps understanding the flow of customer feedbacks so that retailers can understand their customer pain points and act upon them.
Their SaaS platform can help with business issues like supervising the service quality of a store network, identifying UX pain points on an e-commerce website or fighting churn.

I know Fabien (CEO) and I had the opportunity to meet the team. Lengow follow Dictanova with our incubator Octopus. It's a great success team who have all in their hands to build a strong company in retailer market across the world.
Naturally, i recommend Dictanova and all thea team for Lafayette Plug&Play accelerator.

Frédéric de GOMBERT CEO at Akeneo recommended Dictanova where Fabien is Co-Founder

Dictanova has an amazing team and a great product helping retailers and brands to get a better understanding of their customer feedbacks. Their technology is truly disruptive and far above the competition.

Fabien (CEO) is an humble and dedicated leader with a true innovation mindset.

I recommend them for Lafayette-Plug&Play accelerator.