When Janelle approached me to be an Advisor I instantly recognized that Farmstr could help match consumers with high quality fresh food, filtered by their specific needs while providing a new market for producers. I'm impressed with her level of dedication and focus as well as the team.

Janelle is a strong leader, possessing all of the requisite educational, cultural, and experiential underpinnings required to lead an agile, on-demand solution provider from concept to success. She’s already attracted an exceptional team, and the progress they’ve made is tangible and demonstrable. She understands the SaaS business model and the target market segment, and her background as a seasoned marketing executive and writer with direct experience in the food, sustainable agriculture, B2B, and consumer segments is perfectly suited to the Farmstr business model. The monetization plan is solid and compelling, and after seeing a preview of the application, I’m impressed with the quality and utility of the experience for both sellers and buyers. Janelle, Chad, and the Farmstr team are perfect candidates for TechStars, and I can’t wait to see grow into the leader in a space too long underserved.

Janelle comes with deep domain knowledge, relationships with a turn key marketing network of food bloggers, and a contagious passion for the space. She's a strong bet.

Janelle and Chad both bring significant and relevant experience to the Farmstr concept. Janelle with her experience, passion and commitment to food and agriculture and her experience serving a variety of customers in the space. Chad brings a wealth of talent garnered while working in a variety of startup environments and a passion for technology, product management and marketing. These two and their vision for Farmstr would seem a natural fit for the TechStars program.

Janelle brings a wealth of experience and passion to Farmstr. She has a clear vision for Farmstr and combines that with her experience in the farm/food/sustainable agriculture space and strong founding members to make up a formidable team. They will be ones to watch.

Farmstr has a killer combo --> they are solving a real problem and they have a strong founding team. Their passion to make a big impact in the world is contagious. They are terrific candidates for the TechStars program.

Janelle is the closest thing to a sure bet for the TechStars program that I've seen. She has a clear, strong idea with clear monetization options and has made rapid progress attracting and executing with a talented team. And she's working in a space she understands better than the great majority of people. She also has a tremendous network of friends and influencers who can help sharpen her thinking and bring Farmstr to market. Last but not least, she's smart, driven and delightful to be around. I would give her my strongest recommendation.

Rebecca Lovell
Advisory Board, OwnTrail

Janelle is a passionate and inspired food-blogger-turned-entrepreneur
( Her domain expertise in farm-to-fork fare is impressive, she has that leadership x-factor and I look forward to seeing how she combines her social-media prowess with her technical co-founder's chops to create a compelling market place! Go Janelle!!