Fernando Orozco

I am an Education Pioneer Fellow and entrepreneur in tech education. I am passionate about the need to deliver STEM education to children!
General Business • Data Science
Chicago, US
  • Curriculum Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Public Policy
  • Research
  • Strategic Planning

CEO @fernie's toolbox • Co-Founder

Delivers EdTech tools for girls that promote learning in STEM education.

Amazing things Fernando's made
I designed a toy car in a Computer-aided Design program, 3D printed the toy car and also produced a video linked to the toy car.

Dawn Birkland recommended fernie's toolbox where Fernando is Co-Founder

Fernando has been working with the UIC Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies on his STEMgineering Education Products startup idea for the past two years now. He has participated in the UIC Startup Challenge twice (once in 2015 and once in 2016). Over the past years, we have seen Fernando develop and grow his idea, as well as mature as an entrepreneur. As a professional, he is clearly committed to education; and personally, it is very clear that he wants to make a difference in his own community by providing educational opportunities and innovation. Fernando has taken advantage of every opportunity provided to him, both through the UIC Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies and our UIC Startup Challenge - and also through external resources in Chicago (he is doing a summer internship through the Chicago Innovation Exchange in the summer of 2016).

If chosen for the Intel Education Accelerator, I am confident that Fernando will work hard and take full advantage of this opportunity.