Fer Rullán

Fer Rullán

Focuss on users, product
Marketing • UI/UX Design
Madrid, Spain
  • Advertising
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Growth Hacking
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product
  • Social Media Marketing

Wittpic • Co-Founder

The photo-contest app

Alberto Cuevas recommended Wittpic where Fer is Co-Founder

Wittpic is a great app for photo contests. To visualize quickly, we can say that Wittpic is a sort of Instagram for photo contests.

For brands, it provides an easy tool to launch photo contests, linked to their brand Facebook page. Since the app is easy to use and fun for users, it increases response from them when tapped by brands. Wittpic also gathers a community of users that are creative and eager to participate in more and more photo contests, which is the type of engagement that brands are looking for.

The format of the app is innovative and applies the possibilities of mobile functionalities to photo contests: e.g. a push notification when a new contest is launched or when the user wins a prize. All this results in increased engagement.

The 3 founders have a balanced mix of skills: digital marketing + IT engineering + Business/management. Definitely a great team!

Good luck!