Funds up to 217k per team
Takes 0% equity
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Invests in Europe Eastern Europe Austria Belgium Bulgaria 24 more
The FICHe project challenges European SMEs and start-ups to develop innovative applications and businesses in the eHealth market using the FIWARE technology, i.e. FIWARE generic enablers, specific enablers and/or domain specific platforms.

80 SMEs and start-ups have entered the challenge and are offered mentoring, training, technical support, a real live field lab and financial support up to 217Keuro!

The challengers will go through three acceleration phases. The most promising and innovative proposals of each phase will be selected to continue to the next phase. 80 teams will enter the first phase, 40 will continue, and 20 finalists will enter to the third and last phase.

Contact the FICHe helpdesk if you have any questions:

More on the FI-Ware technology:
More on how to use FI-Ware in health:

FICHe is powered by the University of Oulu, Business Oulu, TIC Biomed, FFIS de la region de Murcia, TNO, Amsterdam Economic Board, Stichting zorgInc., Dutch eHealth Fund Management BV and Stichting

FICHe is co-funded under the European Union’s Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.


f6s support My name is Viktor, a passionate individual who sees opportunities in every situation I come across.
Satu Väinämö Leadership and User Centered Design Professional

78 Startups


€25–35K year • 0.1-1%
€25–35K year • 0.1-1%
€2.6–3.4K month
€70–80 year
$60–70 year
$800–1.5K month
$7–14 year
$7–14 year
€7–14 year
$20–40K year
€20–40K year
£18–36K year • 2-5%


Fabio Miraglia, IG.COM
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Fabio Miraglia, IG.COM
Greatings to all the team !!!!
Mark Roddy, Mind Myths
Mind Myths is delighted to pick up the FICHe challenge!
Jorge Gonzalez Olalla, GET - eHealth acceleration services
Apply to FICHe get mentoring, funding and contacts while developing the future of eHealth.
I like to work with great new Health businesses in the FICHe accelerator program!