Funds up to 170k per team
Takes 0% equity
Markets Data & Analytics Energy Energy & Cleantech Health/Medical Software 8 more
Invests in Europe Eastern Europe
FINODEX is a project which will offer five free different services to SMEs and entrepreneurs in Europe willing to develop innovative services and products based on Future Internet technologies and reusing Open Data:
- FUND: €4.64M via 2 open calls following the called Lean Startup approach.
- SUPPORT: information about the open calls, technical and business support services.
- TEACH: tailored training on business planning and on technical requirements.
- CONNECT: with other FI-PPP initiatives, relevant stakeholders
- INVEST: gathering private investors for the sustainability of the products/services created.


f6s support My name is Viktor, a passionate individual who sees opportunities in every situation I come across.
Miguel García González Coordinating FINODEX accelerator. Searching great ideas on open data and FIWARE!