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SOUL FI calls opened! +€5 Million funding for web and apps developers!

SOUL FI is a FIWARE accelerator funded by the European Commission aiming to grow web-based, innovative solutions (open data and crowd sourced data) for smarter urban life of EU citizens (topics are quality of life, mobility, resource efficiency, tourism).

SOUL-FI will provide start up funding and targeted support services to talented entrepreneurs for bringing innovative, web based apps and services (build upon the FI-WARE technology:, with clear social and economic value into the market.

Awarded projects will benefit from a targeted, free of charge accelerating programme consisting of:

Dedicated grants:
• €10.000 for Round A call – Ignition ad business plan
• up to €75.000 for Round B call – Service/Application

• Open, large scale, real word testing facilities (demonstrators) for most appealing solutions
• Tutoring , Mentoring/Coaching, Matchmaking/Networking support services
• Fund raising support for additional financing steps

Call info package:
• Round A and Round B Fact Sheets (
• SOUL-FI Regulations (
• Applicants Instructions (
• SOUL-FI Call Guidelines (


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Roland Nobels Roland
Jorge Pimenta SOUL-FI Mentor, Project Manager @IPN, Entrepreneurship promoter, Business Development and Entrepreneur!

115 Startups


€10–40K year • 5-20%
€56–65K year • 1.2-2.4%
$15–20K year
$15–22K year
€15–22K year
$1–30K year • 0-5%
$1–30K year • 0-5%
$1–30K year • 0-5%
$1–30K year • 0-5%
€6–10000K year


Oscar Barba Seara, Twibex_35
recommended SOUL-FI
recommended SOUL-FI
Carlos Cerqueira, SOUL-FI Round B
SOUL-FI is going to be an excelent oportunity for startups!