Company Overview عن الشركة

Team فريق العمل

Fill in your team members details, maximum of four members per team. برجاء إدخال تفاصيل فريق العمل، بحد أقصى 4 أعضاء للفريق

Contact Information بيانات الاتصال

Please provide the contact information of the team member who will act as our point of contact within the team in the event that the team is selected. برجاء إدخال بيانات الإتصال الخاصة بالعضو المسؤل في الفريق و الذي سيكون نقطة الإتصال مع الفريق في حالة إختياره

We are a member of the GAN which is made up of 75 of the best accelerator programs around the world. If you are not accepted we can share your application with other GAN accelerators that may be interested in your company.