Flowify is a B2B software company who developed an application to automate front-of-house service in pubs, restaurants and hotels, while at the same time ensuring a well-informed, more efficient team. Benefits of the application included: increasing revenue for sites....
Flowify is a B2B software company who developed an application to automate front-of-house service in pubs, restaurants and hotels, while at the same time ensuring a well-informed, more efficient team. Benefits of the application included: increasing revenue for sites.
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Charles Mobbs
Charles Mobbs Business growth and sales development expert in the B2B space, experience of SaaS software market and service industries generally
David Carr


Paul Smith
Co-Founder, Ricochet

I had the pleasure of working with Flowify during the DotForge accelerator programme. They're a very focussed, dedicated team, prepared to listen to mentors and take feedback, and determined to succeed. They've completed live trials and have the numbers to validate their strategy.

We have previously worked with a member of Flowify and found their work ethic to drive forward with new concepts, challenge the norm and get a job done matched ours so we were excited to hear about their new project and how it could help our business in agricultural construction.

Looking at the system we believe that this maybe something we could implement to fully utilise our sales function and drawing team. It will help provide task lists for the team to ensure they work through a process and for our management function analytics around the key tasks to ensure we have resourced correctly and where any pressure points are.

I'm excited to see how this product develops and would be interested to see more.

“Hospitality is high profile these days, with TV celebrity chefs, new concepts, and investors clamouring for the next big ‘investible opportunity’. My own hospitality technology background leads me to believe in the Flowify model, given the innovative but very effective service based, work-flow platform that they have built, and are successfully introducing within hospitality.

From an investment perspective, the core of the solution is work-flow, and that immediately lends itself to many other sectors – eg patient health care, construction or any other step-by- step, process led activities. Crucially, the system is based on an individual’s workflow, and not just that of an organisation. The short term focus for Flowify is hospitality, but then the future potential is endless….. and the drive and commitment of the executive team within the business should leave no-one in any doubt about their likely future success!”

Charles Coldrey Mobbs (Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality)

Ben, Laura and Thom are a fantastic and well rounded team. They were part of the first dotforge cohort. Having worked together previously providing IT and web services to clients they had a solid working relationship and knew how to work together to deadlines and manage clients.
Although the team came to Dorforge with a very clear product idea they were very open to and actively sort the input of mentors and others around the programme. Through Laura's ability to manage and organise information and tasks the team over performed throughout the programme. Their systems enabled them to review information and feedback and identify mentors and advisors that had added value to their company, which they then recruitment them to more formal roles.
All of the team are ambitious and dedicated to the business. They all are hungry for new information and are open to learning and new ideas while having a clear filtering process to prioritise what is useful and what is not. A joy to work with.

I am a founder investor in dotforge accelerator and met the Flowify team in 2013, the first year of the programme. They came across as a very together and talented team with a great idea right from the start of the programme. During the 13 weeks of the mentoring process they progressed and refined their idea but also developed as a team in terms of business savvy and entrepreneurial spark. I have subsequently invested in Flowify and wholeheartedly recommend the team and their product. Neil MacDonald.

John Webb
Director, Startups & Developers, Intl, Rackspace

The team at Flowify are highly capable and committed, with strong knowledge of their space and target audience. Through the mentoring sessions that I had with them they were always highly responsive, yet I also sensed a firm belief in their mission and own abilities. They work well as a unit, complimenting each others strengths and weaknesses, and with a clear collectiveness in the way that they interact together. They are looking to disrupt the service industry and with their pioneering product, Sofia, they’re building a technology platform that is both flexible and scalable to meet the needs of hospitality outlets specifically to improve their efficiency in serving and satisfying their customers - an aspect that is critical to the future of these industries. They have a clear value proposition, talented team, and the determination to succeed.

Andy Tait
Co-Founder, CampaignAmp

The Flowify team made an impact the first time I met them as a mentor, they asked questions first, great start. The team not only asked questions but listened and then acted upon what they heard in their own way which is good, so they are 'coachable'. I've seen them progress and have that tireless hunger to succeed we want to see in a startup. The platform is to my knowledge original and one of those things that one can imagine will have to be deployed by businesses to stay competitive. They are well set for the next stage of their journey, with more funding and support I'm sure they'll be a great success.

Having worked with Laura and Flowify on a number of occasions, I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending them. Laura is one of those individuals who inspire confidence and admiration. This was immediately apparent when she received the loudest and longest round of applause when recently speaking at the Humber Business Week.

It is essential to have people and an idea which you can be confident in and the team at Flowify certainly have this. Critically, they also know what they don't know, so are ready and eager to learn and be coached.

I wish them every success.

I have mentored the Flowify team since they took part in the DotForge accelerator in 2013. They are an impressive team with complimentary skills and the hunger and ability to learn quickly. They respond well to challenge and look to make data-driven decisions to develop the business.

The Flowify idea is smart and the implementation is solid. The business has raised several rounds of investment and is ready for further investment, as appropriate, to help drive sales.

I've been working with Flowify for over 12 mths, helping them at several stages of their evolution. First and foremost - Flowify's individuals make a great team. Certainly one of the most cohesive and co-operative I've seen in the start up world. No big ego's, no drama's - just a solid bunch that get on well and work exceptionally hard. They all share a huge appetite for their tech and also for the challenge of creating a business around it. They're always open to ideas, yet have plenty of their own, they're energetic, driven and determined to succeed. The Sofia platform is a great piece of kit that solves a problem we all face every week - slow and inconsistent customer service in restaurants. It will drive up profits for businesses who adopt it. So it's scaleable yet simple. Very investable. With the had work put in already - Flowify are only a few steps from being a great, profitable business. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to the accelerator.

The team have an incredible and infectious passion for their product and their vision of what it can do for the hospitality and other sectors. They are supremely focussed, driven and organised, with an excellent appreciation for the customer and commercial value that Flowify can generate.

The team thrived on the intensity of the dotforge accelerator. They were responsive to customer and mentor feedback, and created many new opportunities to strengthen their startup and product.

They're not afraid of hard work, or putting in the hours. They're resourceful, ambitious and well balanced as a unit. They're pragmatic and confident about what they need to achieve and how to get there.

They have assembled an accomplished advisory team, with proactively supportive angels, and are on a clear path to build their operational team to match their ambitious customer growth targets.

They're on the right path to grow Flowify and its market. In the right environment they will get their faster.

The Flowify team were universily recognised as the strongest, most focused and best balanced team to come out of the first Dotforge accelerator programme. In fact as a team they stand up well to comparison against many good teams developing high potential businesses.

They have a clear focus on solving a problem in the hospitality industry. A problem which has not previously been solved and which represents a clear Enterpruse SaaS opportunity.

Flowify are pragmatic, hard working and honest. They have demonstrated an ability to overcome challenges and also are very good at taking advice onboard.

I met the Flowify team when I mentored at the dotforge accelerator in 2013; they subsequently asked me to stay around as an advisor. What I liked about them from the start was the clarity of their vision and their understanding from a practical as well as technical perspective of the problem they have set out to solve.
I love their energy, their determination to succeed, their work ethic and the way the team feed off each other.
They are constantly looking to push their development, whether it be in terms of the service they are creating or the business development or fund raising skills needed to turn the service into a real business.
They deserve to succeed and I have no doubt they will build a first class business.