Funds up to $0k per team
Takes 8% equity
Funds 20 startups per year
Markets Agriculture Food & Beverages Health/Medical Food Nutrition
Greetings! food entrepreneurs.

FOOD-X will hold it's second accelerator program in New York, Spring 2015.

We're looking for the best and brightest disruptors in the food space, so if you're an entrepreneur and feel you can make a difference, apply now!

Founded in 2014, Food-X is the first international business accelerator program focused on launching food-related ventures with an evergreen fund SOSventures for multi-stage investment.


Alan Clayton Roaming mentor, program leader, and a bit more
Chris Stueart Food-X is interested in helping startup companies to revolutionize the food industry
Shawn Broderick Troublemaker.
Tong Shen We are what we eat.

1 Startup


Sean O'Sullivan engineer, serial entrepreneur, VC, co-coiner of term "cloud computing", etc


$75–125K year • 0-2%