Francisco Javier González Castaño

Francisco Javier González Castaño

INFINBOX co-founder, advisor at, full professor at UVIGO
Data Science • General Business
Vigo, Spain
  • Data Analysis
  • Human Capital Management
  • Mobile Communications
  • Multimedia
Infinbox/Infinbox team

Team coordination, external relations and decision-making @Infinbox/Infinbox team • Co-Founder

INFINBOX is a SE in the IT field. Its products focus on the health sector.


Violeta Costa Employee at Grupo Hospitales Miguel Domínguez recommended Infinbox/Infinbox team where Francisco Javier is Co-Founder

Leocadia Acuña Fernández, Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Hospitales Miguel Domínguez:

We have acquired from INFINBOX S.L. their mobile entertainment system (TvTab) for our patients. They have shown us that they are completely committed to offer the best technology and service, and with a result more than satisfactory, which has meant that currently we are evaluating the development of new projects jointly. With INFINBOX TvTab system we lay the foundations for building the hospital of the future.

Excellent group.

Luis Lopez recommended Infinbox/Infinbox team where Francisco Javier is Co-Founder

The Infinbox team is one of the best ones I've seen in the whole accelerator's programme. They combine academic experience, research excellence and entrepreneurial vision. I'm certain about their capability for using FIWARE technologies for creating really innovative services and applications suitable for generating societal and economical benefits for European citizens. During my coordination of the FIWARE Stream Oriented GE (Kurento) the Infininbox team has maintained a constructive attitude and have shown technological proficiency. I'm sure that funding their project would be a fair and accurate decision.