Franck JOUIN

Franck JOUIN

Created 3 businesses. Lived & worked in EC, US & Asia. Have known success & failure.
General Business • Marketing
Paris, France
  • Business Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Creative Strategy
  • International Business
  • Language Skills
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales/Bus Dev
  • Team Building
  • Team Management
  • Website Management

CEO @WonderBlah • Co-Founder

The marketplace that turns our punchlines into wonders

Amazing things Franck's made
Helped set up & manage a US distribution network after only 2 years in the country. Grew turnover up to $4 million at age 28.

Discovered in my mid 30's that Santa Klaus & Jesus may not be Scandinavian.

Co-founded a company operating on 3 continents (Europe, US, Asia).
Streamlined processes from product design to distribution, reaching half a million $ after 18 months, no debt. Optimized P&L with solely 1 co-founder, 2 collaborators and a performing network of suppliers & global distributors.