مصطفى أحمد الهلباوى

Fretsi is a social knowledge platform that makes everyone's knowledge public and rewardable gathering books, events, courses, videos, articles, news and Q&As all in one place.

Fretsi will be the convenient place to share knowledge and it will gather people around this target.

In addition, Fretsi will help people build a profile that reflects their knowledge showing the world more about them and what they really know.

Amr Alghawy

Fretsi is spreading and reshaping knowledge as it has never been before

Biga Gaber Ambassador at S3Geeks

very good idea

Hossam Taha

i think fretsi is a very good idea , it brings all knowledge i need to my door :) , and helps in human network improvement ...
Go on Fretsi .....

Mohannad Hassan Software Engineer at BadrIT

Mahmoud Abdel-Fattah Founder at Bkam ? بكام

Built by smart people for all people!

Biga Gaber Ambassador at S3Geeks