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Cynthia McIntyre

It has been my pleasure to work with Angelique on the board of an NPO and in her business and I have been consistently impressed by her vision and her drive to pursue that vision. Her business has been globally focused from day one and she has the right skillset and network to help her scale effectively. Participation in Hyperdrive will allow GainX to access the help it needs to succeed and I have no doubt that the other participants will benefit greatly from Angelique's propensity to share her success stories and mentor those around her.

Steve Farlow Advisor at Grocers Plus

Angelique and her GainX colleagues made major progress in 2014. This includes development of proprietary technology and acceptance with several marquee customers all over the world. 2015 is the year for GainX to scale itself based on a solid foundation. A Hyperdrive relationship would be a classic win-win.

Mike Kirkup Co-Founder at BufferBox

I have known Angelique for the past three years and she has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has been building GainX from the beginning as a truly global company founded and located in Canada but selling into Europe. I have no doubt that she can add a ton of value to any entrepreneurship program including Hyperdrive.

Kristina McDougall

Angelique and her team are thinking big - bigger than KW, Ontario or Canada. Something few Canadian companies do well, she is looking at the global market and she sees an opportunity that is real - and really big.

She understands the opportunity through the eyes of her customers, and is addressing a difficult and important challenge for enterprise.

Angelique has the determination, intelligence, humility and experience to build a successful company that will scale.