Gaurav Virmani

Gaurav Virmani

Technocrat with an ability to identify and focus on conceptualizing business needs and translating them into viable technical solutions.
General Engineer • Product
Delhi, India
  • Software Development
  • Product Innovation
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Software Development Methodologies

Co-Founder & CTO @FrauShield • Co-Founder

Identifies fraudulent transactions real time in online e-commerce industry.

Amazing things Gaurav's made
Created multiple Android mobile(B2B & B2C) & web applications( from scratch till implementation, including Product Analysis and research.

Part of the team to develop a new behavior score to identify when a legitimate transaction is being made by a customer. This score, when used in combination with existing fraud scores, allowed incrementally better detection of some fraudulent transactions resulting in a reduction in losses. The Fusion Score is a customer level score, developed to provide a fraud score to measure real time transactions against normal behavior for that customer.
• We achieved 35% overall decrease in false positives resulting in $18 M annual savings in expenses.
• Fraud losses decreased by 2% or $9 M.