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Gavin Gray

Gavin is an entrepreneur, engineer and investor. Gavin brought Oomf its first investment as well the team that built the product.
General Business • Full Stack Dev
Cambridge, US
  • Business Management
  • Embedded Systems
  • Organizational Development
  • SaaS
  • Software Engineering

Principal Technologist @Bitwise Kaizen, LLC • Employee

Mar '15 - Present (2 years 2 months)

CEO @Oomf Inc. • Co-Founder

Oomf enables the sharing economy – one thing at a time.

Staff Engineer @VMware • Employee

Amazing things Gavin's made
Without a doubt, Oomf has been the most amazing thing I've built. We have a winning combination of a great team, an awesome product and considerable traction.

Boston University

Boston University

Boston University

Boston University

Boston University

Boston University

Flowing Wells High School

Graduated 2001


Steve Keefe Co-Founder at Two-Noo recommended Oomf Inc. where Gavin is Co-Founder

I've been closely following Oomf for over a year and I truly believe the platform they're building has enormous potential. Potential which is now being unlocked as they expand in the university market. As impressive as the product is, it's the team that I see as the true strength of Oomf. Their drive, adaptability, and technical know-how have me both cheering for their success and feeling certain that their software platform will be an IoT game-changer.

Jeff Gantt Product Management at nuVizz Inc. recommended Oomf Inc. where Gavin is Co-Founder

I was one of The Oomf's early investors. I saw potential right out of the gate the first time Gavin and James demonstrated their prototype. Recognizing the desire of consumers (especially millennials) to move towards a sharing economy, The Oomf’s go to market solution provides on-demand mobile device charging. Leveraging this user base, The Oomf is also able to provide integrated, interactive brand experiences. This is an attractive feature for any company wanting to connect their brands with consumers. After all, who doesn’t have a device in need of a little Oomf! But equally important to the product is the team. The Oomf has a small scrappy team that manages to do a lot with very little. They will adopt and succeed regardless of the challenge which is why it was an easy decision for me to invest.