Government grants in short

  • In the UK, grants are offered by:
  • Usually grants are awarded for a specific project in the future that has not yet begun
  • If you are awarded a grant, you could receive funds to cover activities such as
  • Each grant has different requirements but they all need

How can you apply for a grant from the government?

Government grants explained

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Finding the grant that's best for your SME or Startup

Innovate UK Competitions

    • "Emerging" technologies such as quantum technologies, synthetic biology, biofilms, energy harvesting, graphene or new imaging technologies.
    • "Enabling" technologies include cyber security, big data, Internet of Things, satellite earth observation, sensors and photonics, robotics and autonomous systems.
    • smart infrastructure
    • low-carbon energy systems
    • intelligent mobility
    • urban systems integration.
    • precision medicine
    • advanced therapies (cell, gene and other therapies)
    • preclinical technologies
    • improving agriculture productivity
    • pathogens
    • enhanced food quality
    • biosciences
    • "Optimising" includes increasing productivity, systems flexibility and resource efficiency through new methods of process engineering, supply chain management or applying digital technology to manufacturing
    • "New" materials could include nano-materials, ceramics, metals and inter-metallics, polymers, composites, coatings, smart materials or joining dissimilar materials.

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Regional Grant Funding in England

Regional Grant Funding in Scotland

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Regional Grant Funding in Wales

Ministry of Defence Grants

The MoD seeks innovative projects in the following areas:
Protection (personnel, platforms, facilities, digital systems, materials)
Situational awareness (sensors, precision navigation and timing, reduced global positioning system (GPS) dependability, surveillance, status of digital systems)
Power (provision, sources, non fossil, hybrid, management, fuel efficiency)
Communications (secure, unsecure, mobile, novel forms)
Data (cyber, information, big data, management and processing, sensemaking, visualisation, delivery, interoperability)
Lethality (weapons: conventional, novel, directed energy, defence, less than lethal)
Mobility (platforms, air, land, sea, space, human, means of propulsion)
Human Performance (physical and mental, systems interface, survivability, sustainment, training, medical)
Lower cost of ownership (platforms, equipment, facilities)

Find out how we can help you win a grant

  • No upfront fees
  • Rates as low as 4%
  • Market beating success record

European Union / European Commission Grants

Small Business Grants Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I get?

    • Get a plan
    • Some grants pay everything - others require you to give a portion

Can my business apply for Innovate UK grants?

What are my chances of winning an Innovate UK grant? What’s the success rate?

What grants are available for a small business or SME in the UK?

Can I still access Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) funding?

I have had a grant before. Can I get another one?

My accountant told me that there was no point applying for a grant, as it would stop me claiming R&D tax credits. Is this true?

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