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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Accounting software help me with bookkeeping?

    We set up your accounting software to lighten the bookkeeping load. It links to your bank account so your bank transactions feed directly into your account and can be explained regularly so you know where you are spending and earning money. There are also features to manage invoices that people owe you, bills you have to pay and expenses that you need to get paid back by the company.

  • What additional support can my chartered accountant provide?

    Your accountant’s help is tailored directly to what you need. All our chartered accountants have extensive experience helping startups at all stages - from before you have a company all the way through to Series A. They understand how you work and know that solving the issue so you can get back to growing is top priority. Some of our accountants have even started their own companies. They help you with everything you need ranging from SEIS/EIS, raising funds, EMI options and general tips and tricks to ensure your accounting is optimised.

  • Do we have to be registered for VAT?

    In the simplest case, you have to register for VAT if your business turnover that is VAT taxable is more than £85,000. You are still able to register if your turnover is less than £85,000, unless everything you sell is exempt from VAT. If you are registered for VAT you can claim back any VAT your company has paid through your VAT returns (usually on a 3 months basis). It’s a bit more complicated than that though and you can read more and follow some links in the VAT section above.

  • I’m looking to raise funds, can you support me with SEIS/EIS?

    Yes - we’ll even do it for free. Your F6S chartered accountant will support you through the process of gaining SEIS/EIS pre-approval from HMRC and getting certificates to provide your investors. It’s basically a stamp of approval by HMRC that your SEIS/EIS investment round meets their parameters. Your F6S accountant will care of what’s required to take away the hassle from you and your investors.

  • I have a company in another country in addition to the UK, can you support me?

    Yes. Startups often have two - or more - companies incorporated in different places. We’re happy to work with your service providers that help you outside the UK.

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