Geoffrey J. Thompson

Geoffrey J. Thompson

Geoff Thompson & Synergistic Life helps high-wealth individuals get the most out of their hard-earned assets. Recent investor in cannabis.
Financial • General Business
Chicago, US
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Covalent Collective

Covalent Collective • Advisor

Oct '18 - Present

Doyen Elements International

CEO @Doyen Elements International • Employee

Jan '17 - Present (1 year 9 months)

Accelera Innovations, Inc.

CEO @Accelera Innovations, Inc. • Employee

Mar '11 - Present (7 years 7 months)

Synergistic Life Services

CEO @Synergistic Life Services • Employee

May '05 - Present (13 years 5 months)

Geoff and Nancy Thompson Finance

COO @Geoff and Nancy Thompson Finance • Co-Founder

Jan '99 - Jan '06 (7 years)

Amazing things Geoffrey J.'s made
Geoff Thompson of Synergistic Life Services built a comprehensive, turnkey solution to optimally save money for retirement. Protecting assets, selecting the right insurance, taking advantage of unknown tricks are all apart of his exclusive strategy. For most, the financial savings and retirement process is a hassle. Thompson and his team will provide a customized plan just for you, without you having to lift a finger.

Geoff’s entrepreneurial expertise and business leadership have given him the ability to identify market opportunities and to develop solutions for capitalizing on them. His background in financial management forms the foundation for two exciting business ventures, Doyen Elements International, Inc. and Accelera Innovatioins, Inc. Doyen Elements leverages strategic partnerships with hemp and cannabis cultivators, distributors, and commercial retail operations. It provides expert business services to the cannabis industry. Follow the links above for more.