georges najjar

georges najjar

Tri-lingual (Arabic , French , English) Entrepreneur from Beirut, Lebanon. Specialized in architecture and marketing.
UI/UX Design • Marketing
Beirut, Lebanon
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Design Thinking
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales/Bus Dev
  • Team Leadership

CEO @KwikSense • Co-Founder

KwikSense is the Lego of Internet of Things Technology

Amazing things georges's made
A wood shop training platform to help train and employ Lebanese youth in wood craftsmanship specialties.

Lahatra RAKOTONDRADALO Shelter Officer at UNHCR recommended KwikSense where georges is Co-Founder

I was impressed by determination and quick-wittedness of the KwikSense team since the first time I met them during hackathon event supported by UNHCR in June 2016. The team worked on the Shelter challenge “Monitoring the living conditions in substandard shelter during the winter to better target the humanitarian winter support” and developed a prototype of sensor device that can measure, in real time, temperatures inside shelters and send data via internet to an online database.
Supported by UNHCR, of which I am part of, the team developed the prototype into functional product and deployed some devices for testing/pilot in the field, last winter. In charge of the Shelter Unit of UNHCR, I have worked closely with the team throughout the testing period, during which the team showed a worthy commitment, proactivity and high sense of drive for results.

Bassem Dghaidy Technical Director at SE Factory recommended KwikSense where georges is Co-Founder

Two of KwikSense's founders are SE Factory's alumni where I've had the pleasure of working with them on fulfilling their potential in the software engineering domain. Both of them demonstrated superb technical skills, admirable levels of self-discipline and commitment, high levels of maturity, and most importantly a superior aptitude to problem solving. The feedback received from their employers attests to the great positive impact they've had and continue to have on their work environments. The ability of this team to focus and deliver is unparalleled. I have seen it first hand. They have masterfully tackled unchartered territory with ease prior to this venture and I'm sure their mindset will allow them to conquer even harder problems lying ahead.

Lye Ogunsanya Strategic Advisor at KwikSense recommended KwikSense where georges is Co-Founder

I am very pleased to recommend Kwiksense to the program applied for. Having the opportunity to mentor and to strategically advise this UNCHR winning team has been rewarding in terms of learning from them and igniting the passion to transfer practical technology from the tough and extreme circumstances in the middle east to societies in the west. As the team's strategic advisor(Europe) and mentor, one of the key focus is to start looking into the future while tackling the present. This is already a task we are looking at starting from Dublin, Ireland. Kwiksense technology is practical and most importantly the team is worth investing in. A good idea without a good team to carry it out is no idea. Kwiksense has the idea, the technology, the team and the mentorship support within the Middle east and EU. The Team has gone from strength to strength and applying my experience in the Critical and Humanitarian communications sector i see Kwiksense as one of the practical tech leaders of today.

Mike Clarke CEO at Kindi recommended KwikSense where georges is Co-Founder

I've had the pleasure of mentoring this group of young men since they all first met and formed the KwikSense team at a hackathon I organized with UNHCR in June 2016. In a matter of months, I watched them successfully take a hackathon prototype and turn it into a deployable solution. As a team, they have the technical skills and leadership abilities needed to execute IoT services, and are eager to learn and further explore how they can be successful in the IoT space. They are committed and eager to leverage their early success into a long-term scalable business, and would greatly benefit from the Flat6Labs experience.