F6S Alpha Card Claiming (Free by Invitation or Eligibility check)

  • Alpha only available by invitation/confirmed eligibility
  • Free to all eligible Founders
  • Alpha benefits include free travel, VIP tickets and $1 Million in free services
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F6S Alpha only available to eligible Founders

Founder Name F6S Alpha
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Claim your card to get

  • Free Round-trip flight from American Airlines
  • Elite Status & discounts on airlines, hotels and car rentals
  • $1 Million in Exclusive Benefits from Rackspace, Softlayer, Sendgrid and 200+ more
  • Free Exclusive Access to Events and Workspaces across the World

Featured exclusive benefits

VIP Status & Travel

American Airlines Avis Standard Hotel Zipcar

Exclusive Event Tickets & Workplaces

WeWork Droidcon Launch Festival Mobile Congress

$1 Million in Free Startup Services

Intercom Moo Balsamiq