April 2013 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Collaborate to solve problems for charities with professionals from around the world.


GFN is a community of thinkers, do-ers, makers and tinkerers applying their skills and energy to accelerate the work of cause-led innovators and change makers; it's about diverse groups of people collaborating together, working in new, faster, fun and better ways by supporting ideas and people that are leading the way to what a flourishing 21st century society might look like.

The Good for Nothing (GFN) Challenge provides opportunities for talented professionals to come together and solve meaningful social problems. Professionals from all around the world meet on location for a week and form teams with local experts (from NGO leaders to social entrepreneurs) to solve a pivotal problem for a local organisation.

The focus of the GFN Challenge is to boost and catalyse the resources of charitable organisations to tackle key issues/opportunities so local teams can continue to sustain the solution. The GFN Challenge facilitates a 2-way exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas between international and local participants.

Cambodia has over 3000 NGOs (non-governmental organizations) operating across its 24 provinces. They operate in such varied sectors as agriculture, education, HIV/AIDS testing and prevention, human rights, trafficking, health, gender, good governance, water and sanitation - just to name a few. That said many of them have technological needs that for any number of reasons they aren't always able to meet. GFN aims to help in that way.

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Alanna Krause
Bottom-up management maven out to change the world with social enterprise