Giftata is an all-in-one solution for gifts - This includes reminders to help users remember important dates, tools to help plan & budget for gifting occasions, discovery of great products for yourself, gamification with rewards, and a social dynamic so users can view the products that other people are engaging with and recommending....
Giftata is an all-in-one solution for gifts - This includes reminders to help users remember important dates, tools to help plan & budget for gifting occasions, discovery of great products for yourself, gamification with rewards, and a social dynamic so users can view the products that other people are engaging with and recommending.
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InNEVator Spring 2021
InNEVator Spring 2021 A 7-week accelerator


Jake Fowler
Jake Fowler CEO Avid learner with a passion for mentoring others


Marshall Chey, D.D.S., M.B.A. Credentials Committee at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital

Jake is brilliant young man and a visionary. He has great work-ethic coupled with strong leadership qualities. He cares for those around him and it shows in the all the personal and professional relationships he has developed. Jake is passionate with projects that he is involved in and has the ability to get them completed. He is extremely personable and reliable. Any company will be lucky to have him.

Elizabeth Frankel

I have known Jake Fowler for about two years now. In that time, I have known him as a colleague, a confidant and a friend. I can say that he has been one of the most reliable and trustworthy people I have ever known. He is also pragmatic and unemotional. This I can say coming from a personal and a professional place. His work-ethic is as great as his personal ethics - both are at a level most could only strive for.

Harry Yoon

What impresses me about Jake is the integrity with which he approaches all tasks - large or small. I know that I can depend on him as both colleague and friend. Jake is also enormously empathetic and has a well-developed emotional maturity far beyond his years. I believe that these traits were hard-won through his experience of overcoming enormous personal challenges in his youth. Jake is a founder that seeks to serve as much as he seeks to lead. I know that these qualities will make him a valued participant in the F6S program and will make his company a success.

Margaret Chang

Jake is truly a dynamic individual as his constant hunger for knowledge makes him extremely skilled in everything he does, whether it be Sales, Business Development, Marketing, UX Design, or Web Development. He is intelligent and is constantly flowing with new business ideas. I've seen many of his ideas brought to fruition as he methodically and persistently sees all of his projects through to completion.

I've also worked with Jake in a number of volunteer programs and the balance he maintains between being an assertive decision-maker while remaining honest and compassionate makes him an especially powerful leader.

He's not afraid to take risks and it's always inspiring to see him take his ideas to the next level. Jake has earned my deepest trust and I am certain he'd be a great addition to this accelerator program.

Kory Chapelle

Jake was a Business Development Manager at the same company as me where he was responsible for planning, developing, and cultivating new business.

As his manager, I witnessed Jake's natural ability to be a great leader. He can manage multiple task and projects at one time while delivering results. With the hiring of Jake our company's sales increased dramatically in a short amount of time. He also played a large role in helping shape the company culture in a positive and beneficial way.

From early on I could tell that Jake was destined to do something more. He is extremely hard-working, but he will always take the time to assist others. He shows maturity and strategic thinking well beyond his years and experience level.

With my life experience and the time I spent with Jake I can say that it is not a question as to whether or not Jake will be successful, the question is how successful will he choose to be.

Mahim Khan

I have known Jake for years and I believe Jake would make a great founder as he is extremely passionate in everything he does. Whether it’s life’s smaller tasks or regarding a larger business matter. He places 100% of his efforts in every thing he does. Jake is the “go-to” in our social circle and everyone turns to him often for advice and support. He would be an exceptional leader as he doesn’t only have the qualifications of a strong leader but also the humility to want to learn and grow more. Although he may not have the solution immediately his outlook on life is that he will do everything in his capacity to find it. His can do attitude goes a long way and his approachable demeanor and charm makes him a strong candidate and positive addition to any organization. I highly recommend Jake Fowler and believe his work ethic and successful past speak volumes to his candidacy!

Terrence Gatsby

I have worked very closely with Jake Fowler for some time. Jake has excelled in his role, exhibiting one of the highest levels of productivity I have seen in a marketing executive of a startup during my 20-year plus career. Jake produces a high volume of work while consistently maintaining high standards for quality and accuracy.

Jake possesses the ultimate "can do" attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive energy and a smile.

His upbeat personality and engaging personal style enable him to interact effectively with clients and staff. He is very well organized and keeps track of the details necessary to run an efficient marketing and sales team.

Proactive in anticipating rising administrative needs, he takes initiative to go beyond the expected parameters of his job.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Dr. Terrence J Gatsby, PhD

Isabella Bedoya Founder at Culinary Tycoon

Jake posses an impeccable work ethic, inferior to none. He’s a different breed always thinking outside of the box. He’s incredibly intelligent, yet humble & always eager to help. Jake's the type of person that will lead you in the right direction then turn around and give you a hand, like a true leader.

I have seen Jake excel with his company each and every day reaching new heights that seem impossible to many. I have strong faith that any company he launches will become a huge success. I say this confidently since I have seen him time & time again conquer challenges not only in his personal life but in the lives of others, including my own. Jake is not afraid of rejection, he's always pushing himself to the limits and defeating challenges that come his way. All of these qualities make him the most driven, perseverant, and ambitious individual I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Without a doubt in my mind, I guarantee Jake will be the perfect addition to your accelerator.

Roman Cantelearist CEO at LÉGER LOS ANGELES

Jake is extremely capable individual with very strong drive to improve existing "way of doing things".