Glassjar manages group finances by interpreting collective bank accounts to show who owes what and whether that group will make upcoming payments....
Glassjar manages group finances by interpreting collective bank accounts to show who owes what and whether that group will make upcoming payments.
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I've been very impressed with George Smith and Glassjar. George presents extremely well and impressed both from a business and technology perspective.
He has a keen grasp of his target market and is highly effective in communicating his idea and backing it up with a strong factbase.
George comes across as a highly focused innovator with a good business-head.
He easily and quickly adjusts to different audiences and present credibly and in a very engaging way.

I have known George for nearly a year as one of his mentors through the entre competition and as the manager of the UC student incubator (UC Innovators).

I was very impressed with George from our first meeting. He is extremely dedicated to moving his venture forward. His sheer determination has seen him successfully overcome several major hurdles/set-backs this year. George quickly learns from failure and is quickly able to find a new path and move on.

George is very receptive to feedback and critique of his ideas. He is willingly to learn and is always thinking about how best to move his venture forward. He actively seeks out advice from many different people. I have been most impressed at his ability to network with key individuals/companies throughout NZ. He has also managed to create a good working core team around him.

He is very entrepreneurial and innovative. If his current idea doesn't succeed he will be back soon with his next great venture.

I was George's mentor during the competition phase of the $75k challenge at UC. I had the opportunity to choose who I wanted to work with from all the finalists and there was only one team in the running - Glassjar.

Throughout the mentoring period, George demonstrated real initiative, motivation and passion for Glassjar. He was open to challenging the idea, the offer, business proposition and market. I was impressed with the depth understanding he brought for the business plan and his vision to see the opportunity for the business in the future.

He is a very mature and respectful entrepreneur who deserves every success in the future. I have no doubt that Glassjar will be successful with George at the helm, he has already formed key stakeholder relationships - a testament to his drive, focus and dedication.

I thoroughly enjoyed mentoring George and the Glassjar team - a great experience to help out smart, enthusiastic and motivated young entrepreneurs. It was good for the soul.

Piet Beukman
Online moderator: Knowledge Transfer and Research Commercialisation unit, e-Grad School QUT

I have known George for a year now. He is a masters student in the Engineering Management Programme at U Canterbury - I am the Director.
We emphasise and promote entrepreneurship very strongly with our students.

George has shown a single-minded determination this year to build up and make Glassjar work. He has been enthusiastic, determined and diligent in the pursuit of his goal.

I have been impressed with the way George has worked, as well as how he mobilised others to assist and become involved. George is determined, diligent, persuasive and focussed, all qualities that point to being a successful entrepreneur.

Winning a major prize at the entre competition also bears witness to george meeting a goal he has set.

As an entrepreneur myself and shareholder in an angel investment firm, I can unreservedly recommend George. He WILL succeed - it is just a matter of time, effort and George's determination that will enable us to see him succeed.