Elaine Feeney

I’ve been a tech leader and executive for over 25 years; most recently as VP of Global Infrastructure Expansion at Amazon. I’ve also mentored for Techstars, where I saw the rigor of the program and the high bar for companies and founders. I believe Glide is an ideal candidate for any Techstars Accelerator.

I’ve known the CTO, Keegan McNamara, since his freshman year of high school when he interned for me as a software engineer. In mentoring Keegan, I’ve seen him grow as an engineer, designer, and businessman, and his progress has been remarkable. He went from a shy high schooler to a tenacious and highly intellectual founder who made major contributions to engineering projects at Amazon.

I believe Keegan and his team will raise the bar for Techstars and contribute significantly to the program as they refine and evolve Glide into a successful company. I am proud to recommend them.

Elaine Feeney

David Kircos CTO at Challenger Finance

While working for Techstars I worked directly with over 30 accelerator program founders and had the opportunity to invest in a dozen startups. Brennie and Keegan are the archetypes of founders who are perfect for an accelerator. They have the hustle, passion, and knowledge to build great things. Adding the structure of the accelerator is just what they need to take what they've created so far and turn it into a high growth business.

I wholeheartedly recommend Brennie and Keegan with Glide for any Techstars Accelerator.

Kacey Wherley

Over the past year I've gotten to know Brennie through our Techstars programs and Startup Programs, as well as other business programs in the community. He is passionate about startups, new technologies, building communities, and helping others. I was so excited to hear that he is applying to Techstars with his company. He is always willing to #givefirst, and at Techstars Startup Weekends has shown so much value to the attendees with his knowledge of the industry, and by also being a great leading voice to those who need a little guidance in their startup journey. I believe his leadership and knowledge in the community building space will make a great fit in the Techstars worldwide network and for this program with our partners.