Cam Houser
Cam Houser Chief Keef's best friend
Ethan Cohen
Jeff Jarvis
Paul Noglows


Peta Clarke
Peta Clarke Technical Analyst


Sean Branagan Mentor at Go Baller

Chris and the team have a perfect approach to social media that feeds sports fans what they want.

Ethan Cohen Mentor at Go Baller

Chirs Dell and Go Baller were selected to be part of the Bizdom accelerator program, which took place in the fall of 2014. Since that time, Chris has done a fine job at adopting his idea and pivoting a few times to focus on a product in the social medial space that addresses the needs of his target audience. Chris is hard working and passionate about the mission of Go Baller. We are very exciting about the direction that Go Baller is now heading.

Ross Sanders

Chris truly takes feedback as a gift and is a hard worker. He is quick to implement the suggestions given from mentors, advisors and customers to continually enhance his product.

Cam Houser Mentor at Go Baller

Chris is resourceful, motivated, eloquent and tireless. His persistence and drive is what will make him succeed and I'm eager to see him continue the journey to growing this venture.

Jeff Jarvis Mentor at Go Baller

Chris Dell is the entrepreneur's entrepreneur: dogged, energetic, imaginative, eager, collaborative, curious. Bet on him.