An Enterprenuer strengthening community based business to curb unemployment
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Nakuru, Kenya
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The company strives towards improving research capacity of its customers




Alfred Muli Employee at WASH United

Gohole is an enthusiastic young man who gives 101% in everything he does. He has what it takes to make the world a better place with his knowledge, skills and expertise.

Annabelle Duncan

Gohole Arthur is an innovative entrepreneur with a great eye for opportunity recognition. Having worked with him, he stands out as a leader and is able to pass on his knowledge through mentoring and coaching. He is quite interactive and has adroit social skills.
I therefore recommend him . Regards,


Creating jobs for the most vulnerable groups in the country? That is one of the most brilliant business ideas I have ever heard in my lifetime. I know GOHOLE as a person who goes for what He wants until things get done. Keep up the spirits and you have my highest recommendation for this programme. Good work you are doing to the community

Nellie Kimonye

The zeal to inspire and build the capacity of the less fortunate has driven you to these great heights.I highly recommend you having seen the potential you have unleashed so far.Wish you well in making the world a better place.

harsely wesisi

having worked with Arthur in various corridors of life, i know him as a young man, who has sprung from a strong background of innovation and enterprising, always ahead of events and one who sees opportunities and picks on it.

Having worked with him in various projects, he has always stood out as a reliable, trustworthy and understanding.He loves what he does and is very responsible.

Wherever he goes, making an improvement in people's lives is his desire and he has proved this severally.

He is the right person to work with, very social and collegial.


Josephat Kipyegon

Gohole Arthur is known to me in a profession capacity as well as entrepreneurial capacity. He is a hard working person with great business ideas. Socially, he is my close friend.

Kindly accord him the the necessary assistance. I therefore recommend him.

Kind Regards,

chemorei Kevin Co-Founder at GOLIN SOLUTION

Great progress there Gohole, after witnessing your great ideals and progression in your business, i admire your commitment and dedication in ensuring that you meet your goals. I have no doubt that you deserve the grant in order to continue impacting positively on the lives of the most vulnerable in the society. Kudos