Goldenpot is a Food Logistics Company that fights against hunger, poverty, malnutrition, Unemployment, Gender based Violence with a BAG of Maize!...
Goldenpot is a Food Logistics Company that fights against hunger, poverty, malnutrition, Unemployment, Gender based Violence with a BAG of Maize!
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Malembo Lucas
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Rachel Jared
Rachel Jared


Francis Omorojie Advisor at Ona Creatives

I know Golden Pot through Haika, who happens to be my colleague from Tony Elumelu Programme. Haika is a very passionate entrepreneur that is dedicated towards eliminating malnutrition and food security. Haika and her team founded GoldenPot to facilitate financial inclusion and improved access to qulaity food for women and low income earners in Tanzania. GoldenPot has been providing nutritious and affordable food products to hundreds of families within and outside Arusha. Haika has been empowering farmers through her small group agribusiness education programs, where she educates these farmers on best case practices to improve their production and scale their farm business. Haika has so far demonstrated excellence in her endeavors and this was obvious as she was selected for the Mandela Washington Fellowship in 2019. I am confident about the impact that GoldpenPot will create in ensuring quality and affordable food options for everyone.


I have known Goldenpot through Haika Mtei (CEO) when she firstly pay a visit to my office for Crop Micro-insurance consultation. She was looking for crop insurance cover customised to group of small scale farmers working with her in Manyara region. I was suprised to learn that through Goldenpot Haika has been able to improve incomes and hence standard of living of hundreds of people in Manyara region particularly women. I was even shocked to find out how her agri business model works very well to reduce post harvest losses and hence contributing in improving food security in the country. The fact that Goldenpot adds value to farm produces from group of small scale farmers and then linking them to the market has ensured the steady supply of income to these families. Apart from providing micro crop insurance, Goldenpot has been providing trainings on modern agricultural practices for the group of farmers in Manyara.

Joseph Kadendula CEO at CPB Limited

GoldenPot is an innovative growing company led by a team of smart, innovative, exposed, ambitious and committed people like Haika. I have been in contact and get to know Haika and her company for some time and see how much effort she is putting in from the idea stage to launching the company. GoldenPot is one of the reliable and committed partners farmers in northern Tanzania have to deliver training to farmers and reliable market with better prices for their produce. I would recommend GoldenPot to engage in the program to promote enterprise growth in the innovation and agro-processing sector in Tanzania.

Prince Tillya CEO at FixChap

Haika is a very creative and hardworking lady, i have personally known her since the early days as she was starting GoldenPot. She is very passionate about Agriculture that she decided to venture into improvong the value chain of the sector. Among her very first initiative was establishing groups of small holder farmers and educating them on the best farming practices whilst linking them up with relaible market for their produce. I have seen how her work has been able to transform lives improving standards of living particularly for those living below the poverty line. Among her stellar achievements was when she was selected for the Mandela Washington Fellowship 2019 for the valuable contributions she has on improving lives by building sustainable businesess. I highly commend Haika for taking responsibility and trying to change things for the benefit of the society.

Brendah Nantongo Engineer at AgNmo

I have known Haika Mtei a founder of Golden Pot as a passionate yet ambitious person whose drive is to work with the underprivileged women in Tanzania growing maize to improve their quality of life by buying and adding value to what they grow. This empowers the women with a consistent source of income thereby can feed and bring harmony to their families.

glory jared

Goldenpot food supplies has a lot of potentials since there many opportunities in the agricultural sector in Manyara region that are yet to be exploited. Maize milling will be the beginning of our journey to other food processing opportunities such as wheat flour, sunflower oil, coffee which will provide reliable market to farmers and employment opportunities in Manyara region. We believe in our team and in the dedication of smallholder farmers who continuously work with a hope that one day their lives will improve through agriculture.