Discover local programs and online resources to launch and scale your business....
Discover local programs and online resources to launch and scale your business.
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Alex Brutin
Alex Brutin Partnerships
Christal Wang
Christal Wang Writing
David E. Weekly
David E. Weekly Product I start things. I like you.
Jennifer Kohl
Jennifer Kohl Developer Relations Program Manager
Johan Torås Halseth
Johan Torås Halseth Engineer touch all the levels!
Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel Engineer Co-Founder at Blitzz . Ex-Googler
Tad Hunt
Tad Hunt Tech Lead & Manager Entrepreneur. Founder, CEO, CTO, Board Member & Advisor. Experienced with Startups, Product, People, Market, Technology, & Fundraising.


Maxim Kulik CEO at FreshBot

Idea for Google!!
We can do that together

Ahmed Mohamed CEO at بيتي كاش

I have idea, please contact me

Thanigai raj Marketing Manager - Digital Marketing at WHITE PEACOCK SPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED

Hello , We are 3, 2 developers and 1 digital marketer. Had started a startup in camera rental market place.

we aleady started to get revenues and looking for investors
Please call 9043710560
or mail @

Tushar Malhotra IOT Engineer at Plutek Technologies

Hello, I have an idea of a Garbage segregation wending machine which will allow people to collect the output product made up of that garbage.
Please contact me for further explanation of the core features..

Shahryar Faraji Founder and CEO at 1Receipt™

Hello, I have recently started a tech startup called 1Receipt™. Learn more at

John Gontier Communications Manager at

And we want to #FireYourPassion, Gibraltar

Eightsems Primestudents CEO at Prime Students and Co, (8sems)

Hello Google, we had designed a mobile application for students. We designed in such a way that Engineering students can find from Books to Jobs in a single app. We are mainly focusing on Softskill development of students which is more important . We are training the students on softskills using latest technology and which is no where using in India.

Please contact me for more info:

Ali Oseni Abayomi UI/UX Designer at Findworka

Hello, I have an idea of a website/app which will allow people to connect to doctors, shear there problems online...
Please contact me for further explanation of the core features..

Richard Heurtley Periodista at El Cronista Comercial

Hi, we do design and communication for startups, see

Vladimir Podkoritov Основатель at SCARLET LIFE

У меня, есть идея по построению терминалов (сервисных центров) где любой человек независимо от места пребывания и места жительства, может получить любой документ ,независимо где он находиться в данное время.

Marc Spector CEO at hubahuba

I have an idea about hiring a guardian online, and the work is in progress. The app is going to be called HireMyAgent... And i'm currently working on the project with woozuh.

Igor Delaichuk CEO at CarBro

Hello. I have an idea how made business car broker online.
CarBro help people who bought the car. Save time, money, give the best price and deal. With CarBro no need to visit dealerships and user have privacy, no spam messages, calls, e-mails.

please contact me on

Mohammed Ashiq Sales Associate at Designs Readymades


Now that smartphone has become an essential device on every hand now it's has become essential that our kids should know or learn only which is suitable for them.

So very commonly our kids use our devices until they reach teen. So I feel that we could have two different login profiles like in windows where we can customize our apps and so on. Example Youtube app for oldies and YoutubKids app for kids. This is now even more easier with finger sensor smartphones like if my finger is sensed I see A or B or C apps and if my kid's finger is sensed then he sees X or Y or Z apps.

Just an idea.

Mohammed Ashiq

Ali hamad CEO at Tureno 4 Trading

Dear There ,

Technology is our life , So let's do it more profitable .

for more details .

Sandeep Kelkar

We have developed retrofit Smart Switches and Smart Home Solution. You can check our youtube channel for App features. This can be set as best example how Firebase and FireStore can be implemented in IoT application. We have built a complete ecosystem, where switchboards as hardware is added, user authentication with existing firebase infrastructure, controlled switchboard sharing. We are startup and looking for scaling up the idea for industrial IoT as well.

Keyur Gaglani

As you have Youtube,
I have ( paperwork ) a Startup for Gif.
Giphy is the only Search engine..

We can have Gif for Education, Teaching and Tuting.
Uses Mainly for Emotion exchange more than Smilies along with Content Creation...

I need to work with Programmers and Developer.
Can I work for you, n Move ahead!??

Jamaal Brathwaite CEO at Jobseekrs

An AI-driven, video interactive job & culture-fit matching app, that makes it easy for young people to discover, engage and be matched with suitable opportunities and companies they'll love!

The Future of Hiring — "Launching Soon"

Seeking investors & early adopters -

Contact us:

Petru Solo Co-Founder at Alfa work

Sign up to our revolutionary recruitment platform and start building a network of matching candidates or employers suited to your needs and

Yasser Ameur

Hi I'm yasser ameur el idrissi I'm 19 years old , I'm looking for a reverse for my social network. It is available on system android , ios, windows phone. I developed a business plan Contact me on

Jeonatha Gualberto CEO at Getjus

tenho uma startup Jurídica - legal e tax?

sulisumen peter CEO at TechyEdu

My idea is to improve technology education in Africa by increasing the technology knowledge of all the teachers from the grassroot. CEO at TechEdu and I can be contacted on or +2347032779814

Okiror Jethro CEO at Artificial Intelligence point Uganda

i have an idea for improving crop productions among farmers in africa based on crop diseases and pests that affect crop production since the highest population are farmers, you can contact me on or +256 783629644


We want to implement an indistrie in the poultry sector, The agri-food industry offers us real opportunity and contributes greatly to local developmen

Zhaksylyk Zamanbek

I have an idea for better usage of parking system in Europe. In my country it has already working succesfully.

Awais Ahmed Co-Founder at its pirates

Sell Dreams, not product. and then provide, insanly great experience to People.

Du'a Sawalha Co-Founder at Green desert

I have an idea about a mobile app useful for environment. please contact me on

Joseph Raj

I have a startup with early revenues. Looking at funding to take it to next level -,

Ibrahim Sarafa PR at Sahel Standard Newspaper

I have an idea on developing an educational app for Nigerian students writing matriculation exam. You can reach me on

Sandeep Rawat Founder at Weekendgypsy Adventure Trips

Thanks for connecting.

I am an Social Media, Brand Communication and Creative Consultant with over 12 years of experience.

My expertise lies in Brand communication services, Creative services, Social media and Digital Marketing

I am running my two ventures as discussed below:

1. Weekendgypsy trips - A unique weekend based adventure trip model focussed on eco village tourism model and intented to connect vacant Himalayan villages to urban travelers.



2. Hillions Creative Consulting - One of it's kind 360 degree creative solution ventures providing brand communication, Social Media, Digital Marketing and Visual services


It would be great if you can take look on my ventures and discuss the funding possibilities to expand them.

kindly write your intent to us at

Samuel Cole, MBA CEO at Campus Millionaires Club

We provide Hands-on entrepreneurship program for College Students -

We are inviting Enterprising Students from all University Campuses to create their new account here


Олег Живка CEO at most needed app

Аpp for all occasions.Tips, acquaintances, knowledge, earnings, motivation.

Ranjan Kumar Sahoo CEO at

I have an idea based on AI in Health Care or Healthtech cloud computing.
Please contact me:

Achuth anand Sales at Concorde Group

Have an idea of Making PPC Campaign in a more specific way of nature where we can approach the targeted audiences with more precision

Pietro Greco PR, Platform,Händler at XXX /SOCIAl MEDIA APP-WEB

Through a globally unique, aggressive marketing, transparency, credibility, social commitment, win-win philosophy, improvement of already successful marketing strategies and 2 world premieres, we will hit the market like a bomb.
Expanding and entering new product areas, we are always able to act as intermediaries, platform, and create our own market at any time and without financial risk and effort, as we are intermediaries distributing our own product (label).

Please contact us.

Tel / WhatsApp: +49 1788705892

Amin Gorgin CEO at

We have an idea about ecotourism based on blockchain. It can made lots of jobs for locals and more joy for travelers
I will be happy if hear from google😍

Muhammad Nauman CEO at identifier's

i have a great idea for building online education platform please contact me E-mail:, Whatsapp +923365453590.

Muhammad Qamar PMP Sales Manager at REDtone

I have developed a business plan for small business owners to start offering their shares on Internet. Any one interested to work fund this project please let me know

Art Craft CEO at Arty craft

We are Arty craft we want to develop a platform to educate people who are interested in learning art and Craft, but we need fund we pitch this idea on Abia startup weekend in Aba out of 18 pitches we took 3rd, please contact us

Fiona Khan CEO at Global Forum 4 Literacy

We have built an app to assist with literacy and literature. Can you assist and be in touch. Thank you

Elena Köstler Development Self Assessment Tool SCALE City & Project Management at StartupAmsterdam

We are building a mobile app to fight loneliness. We would love to get in touch.
All the best,
Elena Köstler

Martin K Marketing at

It's amazing to see big companies giving back to the startup community and actively investing in tech. Great job!

Majd Hussein

Hello, My name is Majd Hussein! i'm a student and i'm talking up civil engineering! i have a great idea about an app that can change the future of social life and dating! please contact me:

Tair Assangali Financial Director at AUTODOM Group

i have a great product for sellers please contact me

Dorothy Ankunda Co-Founder at The Environment Team

I highly recommend google

Dorothy Ankunda Co-Founder at The Environment Team

Hello my name is Dorothy Ankunda a student at Makerere University.
I have a great environment project and idea .. Please kindly contact me

Mayank Goyal CEO at Globally Oriented & Dynamic Solutions

My Name is Mayank Goyal and I am from Delhi. I have a business Idea to manage parking problem which is increasing day by day.
Contact number- 9654898991

Philip Alabi MCIM, ASM (BBPin 7A170FF1) CEO at Efiwe

I have an idea for stocking African Libraries.

Brooke Bell CEO at BEE Cosmetics Pro

As a small business owner, let me say I LOVE google and the Gsuite it offers!

Shilpa Jain Program Manager- Business Development at Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust

Hi, how do you support the new ideas?

Pavan Kumar

I have a idea of giving services to farmers at low price.
Can you give support to me.


Hiranjyoti Deka CEO at DekaFarmer

We have started Agri Marketing business in Assam, India. Would like to present my idea. Do contact me at

Herbert Obude Founder at

Lets Do In Nigeria

Herbert Obude Founder at

This is very cool, I love it,.

Shakeel Ahmed Abbasi Support Engineer at Micity FZ CO

Hi , Please contact me i have very cool stuff to share with you

Mika Kooper Co-Founder at #1 SEO

Emmanuel Melong CEO at Coredoo

hello , i am the founder of coredoo. It is a food tech startup founded here in Cameroon . it would be my pleasure to be part of you . Website : . Email: ;Thanks


Google is the future of earth

Valentine Moyo Product at Tongaat Hulett

yes! it is easy.

Vaibhav Gupta CEO at promaid

hello sir, i have a business idea but it is related to service sector. i would like to discuss it with you. it is a transformative email id is

DoctorfromHome India Product at is a telehealth service in India, providing patient to doctor connect via online video consultations, we have developed this web based telehealth platform called which allows a patient to have a video consult with a doctor 24 x7 anywhere in India.

Current population of India is over 1.27 billion and total number of qualified doctors is 1.7million, which means approx. 1 doctor/ 1000 patient. We intend to close this gap, by using our telehealth video consulting platform. Through , a village dweller in the heart of India can access a top specialist anywhere in the large cities, or perhaps even globally through the digital connect. This will change the entire nexus of middlemen who thrive on taking poor villagers to random low quality hospitals for a fat commission, and then getting needless procedures done which ruin their livelihoods.
We create access to qualified specialists and doctors, to whom a person in India might not have the

Ahmer Hassan CEO at ALIKAA - A New Dream

I have this great idea

Buray Savas ANIL CEO at Geliyoo

Now that Google has lost its transparency, it has become a system that only thinks about money. This makes me sad. Of course you have to win, but as someone who has given it to her, I do not think you think of us anymore. Yes i like Google and i trust Google but my heart is broken.

Jag STAR IT Consulting,llc CTO at STAR IT Consulting

I have following ideas ,I am looking for Google for Entrepreneur

1.Mobile App-Secure Sleep
2.Mobile App-Scan and Alarm

Senu Sam Group Associate General Manager - International Marketing & BD at Gleneagles Global Hospitals

Hi, I would like to get connected to the Google team to present my idea In Health Care to fill the Gap. Need your suggestion please

Balvinder Bolla Business Intelligence Reporting Manager at Sure International

Google stands for what people aspire to being - experimenting with ideas and making them a reality

John Scarman Co-Founder at WP360

Highly recommended!

Olatunde Oxford Joh OLOYEDE Co-Founder at juice clinic

i recommend google

yuli tuting

google is very recommended.. it very help

Ahed AL-Rashaida

Go ahead!!!!!

Sibin Mathews Employee at CPR Instructor

is search engine that use md5 has data config

pradosh malik Co-Founder at investrock

a good deal.!

Niels Rasmussen Employee at

I highly recommend google. Its innovative design, and sublime features, like goggles, and google earth are not alone the work of a genious, cause these programs, and google itself are none other, than a masterpiece!

Nikita Red Директор at бизнесмен

Wowo! So amazing! Thx!

Chinni Sri Co-Founder at USIT

This is the platform we improve our knowledge.

Rachael Hollis CEO/Director at IMAGESEARCHMeta™


Jorge Alberto Mussuto

My favorite browser:)