Grant Brigden

Grant Brigden

My roots are in marketing strategy where I have consistently helped clients
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Toronto, Canada
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COO @Rover • Co-Founder

The airBnB of Parking


Parkshare • Co-Founder

AirBnB for parking


lineAPP • Co-Founder

The lineAPP guest management system, wiating in line is a thing of the past

Amazing things Grant's made
People often describe Rover as the airBNB of parking. The Rover APP provides a brand new supply of shared, private parking spaces that are easy to find, inexpensive, available all over the city, and accessible from a few quick taps on a smartphone.
Rover allows individuals or businesses that have driveways or parking spaces that sit empty for hours on end, to share those spaces for a fee, resulting in some quick extra cash in hand.

Bringing these two factors together in this new sharing economy marketplace has significant impact on our communities and our city.

It saves consumers a ton of time and money, while creating a real, positive impact on the environment. Virtually eliminating the needless driving being used today in the search for parking spots.

It also dramatically increases the use of vastly underutilized resources. In this case empty driveways, while injecting well-deserved income into communities.
Wilfrid Laurier University

Wilfrid Laurier University

Economics Sep 1987 - Apr 1991