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Thousands of gyms and studios moved their services online at the beginning of 2020. Zoom, previously only really known in the corporate and tech world, became a common way of communicating for everyone globally. And gyms and studios began using this platform, mostly in a very basic way. However, now that we are a year on Grassion need to be delivering quality online fitness services in a well organized manner.

This is the peak time. In this Lockdown situation when almost everyone want to get fit.This start up gonna help them to get their desired body. But we must start early because Lockdown might end in 2 months.

This would revolutionize the fitness industry as this is a new approach to deal with the modern problems related to fitness and health.

I love the process of imagination it built up regarding fitness industry evolution.
great work by @sai_snata_dash

Yaa...Sai Snata Das is one of those youth entrepreneurs who is always keen for knowledge, experience, innovation and her discoveries are always helpful to the society as much I know her. Apart from this her dedication towards any work is fantastic which you can't believe. So I strongly recommend her.

Debasish Behera

It is only call of the current Situation to build a good, healthy and strength human Society in an innovative way .