GrocerKey is an e-commerce platform that helps grocery stores build an online store and implement profitable pick up & delivery systems....
GrocerKey is an e-commerce platform that helps grocery stores build an online store and implement profitable pick up & delivery systems.
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gener8tor Madison 2015
gener8tor Madison 2015 A Customer-Driven Startup Accelerator. Believe. Ignite. Achieve.


Bill Bishop Co-Founder at Al;gocart

As a person focused on the growth of online grocery shopping, I can definitely recommend Jeremy Neren and GrocerKey for a place in the Gener8tor. They’ve built a solid base of real world experience in grocery ecommerce and are now positioned to generalize that into a successful business.

Earl Mollerud

Jeremy is a genetic entrepreneur. He is wired for what he does and I don't think could or should be doing something else. He is a very creative thinker and isn't afraid to try things and make mistakes to get to the truth of the situation. That is what entrepreneurship is all about.
GrocerKey will change the industry.

James Kasombo

Jeremy made a visceral impact on me upon our very first meeting. Confidence and vision are key traits I look for whenever I join a workplace, and before becoming his employee, I knew Jeremy was a man I could proudly call my boss, and look up to for personal guidance as I achieve my personal career goals. If you need someone with concrete business knowledge and intense entrepreneurial talent, then Jeremy is definitely someone you can count on and build a team around.

Edgar Radjabli, DDS

GrocerKey is an innovative service that is disrupting the $27B online grocery market by allowing grocery stores to quickly and efficiently implement online and delivery sales. Jeremy has put together a top notch team of e-commerce technology and grocery business veterans who know exactly what it takes to be sucesful in this market. Jeremy has the vision, dedication and experience to move GK into the pre-eminent provider in this market that is growing to over $130B in less than ten years. Jeremy has already validated this concept through implementing the service in the initial set of partnered grocery stores and helped them grow their online sales by as much as 100%. As an investor who reviews hundreds of startups a month I can say this one really stands out!

Todd Marshall, DDS, MBA

I believe in Jeremy 100%. I have known Jeremy for many years. He is a proven entrepreneur and possesses great skills and knowledge in this space. I fully believe in the GrocerKey concept. As an early investor in Jeremy and GrocerKey I have from the beginning seen clearly that this business will be highly successful.

Ken Allen

Jeremy is a natural born leader. After getting to know Jeremy, I understand his mindset and competitive nature. He will do whatever is necessary to succeed and achieve his goals. Not only do I believe in GrocerKey, I believe in him.

Anand Chhatpar CTO at Growth Champ

Dear Troy and Jon,

I hope you remember me from Madison. I'd like to recommend my friend Jeremy Neren for your accelerator. Jeremy is an experienced entrepreneur, who has built a long-running, profitable company in the past that has served an unmet market need. He will definitely create value with his new venture. I think, frankly, he can teach a thing or two to other entrepreneurs who are part of your accelerator/incubator.

By the way, his office was next to my BrainReactions' office on University Ave across from Papa Johns. Great guy! I hope you all have fun working together and get to a billion dollars in less than 5 years. My good wishes to you all! Let's catch up over Skype sometime. My ID is anandvc.

-Anand Chhatpar 415.501.0162

Aris Michalopoulos

Jeremy is a hard working, diligent, and resourceful leader with an eye for big targets and years of knowledge built on direct experience on how to make them a reality.

Vivian Cruickshank Web/Graphic Designer at University of Wisconsin-Madison

I have known and worked with Jeremy for a couple of years now and he is extremely hardworking and intelligent. He is very creative and this idea sounds great! I know he will be able to pull this off.

Althea Tan

Jeremy is smart, extremely motivated, and hardworking. He has clear vision and goals for his company.

The GrocerKey concept has enormous potential. There is no doubt this talented team canaccomplish everything they set their eyes to. I'm excited to serve as an advisor and help put together online advertising strategies and solutions for the company and their store partner.

Bradley Birnberg

I have known Jeremy well for over a decade. He has the determination, ingenuity, work ethic, discipline, and practical nature necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. I know numerous extremely well-regarded, self-made business people and Jeremy possesses the key attributes that they all have.
I would unconditionally recommend Jeremy. He will not allow himself to do anything except to succeed.

Brad Birnberg

Rishi Shah Employee at Flying Cart

Jeremy is a hard working guy and he knows this space very well. He would be an excellent addition to the next round of Gener8tor start ups!

Kevin Raheja Advisor at Veamly

Jeremy is a hard worker that attacks problem solving thoughtfully and with intelligence. I've had the pleasure to work with Jeremy on a few projects, and he consistently brings new, scalable ideas to the table. Jeremy has tremendous knowledge in regards to local commerce and logistics and he is truly passionate about the role of tech within it.
Talk to Jeremy about potential competitors or his market, and you'll see how much he understands the space.

Yaakov James Zar Co-Founder at Dispatch

Awesome guy, awesome company, awesome strategy. Jeremy clearly has domain knowledge and the right hustle to build this business.